Sonnet 98 September 6, 2016

A collaboration between 7 and CO and Sheryl Glubok, produced for the Denver Sonnets Project. Featuring Maggy Stacy, Matt Block, and SUNBOY.

Slappy H.R. July 29, 2016

A new webseries from 7 and CO, Slappy H.R. explores the complex human-puppet relationship through the eyes of the 7 and CO team and our new head of human resources, Slappy H. Weinstein.

Point Perspective (48HFP) February 26, 2016

“Point Perspective” is a superhero film with a bit of an artistic twist. We decided to go with a “French New Wave” approach to the film. We received Best Screenwriting in the 2015 Denver 48hr Film Project! Original Score By Moon Magnet Records. Special Thanks to the Denver VFW Post 1 and all the beautiful art from the gallery and Veteran Artists.

Montage (48HFP) February 25, 2016

7 and CO’s submission to the 2014 Denver 48 Hour Film Project. Genre: Romance Character: Anthony Sakewski (writer) Prop: Map

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